13 May 2008

More of the Same

Firedoglake » McCain’s Economic Policies Like A Third Bush Term? Blunt Says Yes!

On CNN's "Late Edition," Republican whip Roy Blunt said, when it comes
to taxes, a McCain administration would be in effect a third Bush term.

"I think it would be. And I think that's a good thing," he said.

How can Republicans be so sure that the country is on the right track? Do they truly believe it, or are they just so brainwashed they refuse to admit that they were wrong in two consecutive elections?

If one thing is abundantly clear it is that this country is certainly on the wrong track. Perhaps it is easier to see if you understand what the "right" track is first.

- Working toward Peace
- Ensuring economic security for every human within our border
- Providing true "freedom" by not legislating morality or personal choices
- Every resident realizing the importance of living within his or her environmental footprint

These things are certainly not ideals that were dismissed when New England first moved toward shaking off the shackles of the British Empire. If American Revolutionaries would be able to see what we have become, would they have risked the lives of their fellow patriots just to buy us 250 years before our collapse back into what we fought off?

Please, Lord, let your people see eventualities. Let them understand they only need to fight one fight. Let them understand if something does not effect humankind's collective consciousness there is no reason to spend time worrying about it. Let them prop up their fellow humans. Let them contribute. Amen.

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