30 June 2011

23 June 2011

A Good Indicator.

I usually get the idea the person on the other end of the line doesn't really know what they are talking about when you ask for their email address and the start out by saying "in all lower case."

04 June 2011

My Morning Jacket


Main Stage 1030p. Performance better than I could have ever truly anticipated.

03 June 2011

Dumptruck Butterlips


Outpost Stage 11am

EOTO Revival Tent 230am


EOTO smashed up the revival tent during their late night set. They played until the sunshine was teasing the horizon.

EOTO making it theirs

VIDEO0001.3gp Watch on Posterous

Revival Tent 230am

It's really good here.


You are missing this.

02 May 2011

As far as gadgets go, I don't normally find myself drawn to products like Amazon's Kindle.  I like my toys powerful.  Colorful.  Multi-functional.

The Kindle doesn't really qualify in any of these categories.

So why can't I live without my little plastic companion?

The Kindle reminds me of my first iPod.  It wasn't powerful.  It wasn't multi-functional.  It was barely colorful.

That iPod was, to me, more of a device meant to remind me of a favorite pastime and to make that pastime even easier to indulge.

The Kindle is my iPod of books.  Just like the iPod reawakened my love, appreciation and collection of music the Kindle has done the same for the written word.

Music and the written word - both good for the brain, and both made better by two ground-breaking devices.

01 May 2011

I've been re-droid-afied


Just a little update to my phone persona.